Bangs & Fringes Remy Human Hair Topper Mono Part


Collection:easiFringe by easihair
Product Type:Hairpiece | Clip-In Bang
Hair Type:Remy Human Hair
Ideal Face Shape:Round, Square, Diamond, Oblong, Pear, Heart, Oval
Product Weight:1.9 oz
Overall Length:7.5″-12″
Base Dimension:6.5″ x 3″


The lightweight refrigerator of human hair Special colors of lighter is a home for interior construction that can be customized to achieve any bracelet. Due to the size of the personal base that measures 6 “x 3” sizes, a light fringe not only gives you festive layers but also adds volume. Made from 100 Remy human hair, you can style it like your own hair and it looks incredibly natural. The hair measures 8 “front and 14” on the sides and back. The monofilament section in the front gives you the shape of your natural skull. A light fringe is easily applied with 6 pressure-sensitive clips and is available in different colors. Whether you wear EasyFunge as soon as you wear it or cut it to your liking, EasyFringe is as versatile as you! A light mushroom can be trimmed by a professional to get a built-in look.

Special characteristics

Unique base size. Perfect for adding a framed refrigerator or a custom bang plus extra volume
Monofilament – gives the look of your natural scalp
Pressure-sensitive clips – easy to apply, safe, easy, harmless and non-permanent
100 Remy Human Hair Re. Maximum versatility in design, natural look over time

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Additional information



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