Black And Blonde Brushed Pixie Synthetic Wig Basic Cap


Product Type:Wig

Collection:Look Fabulous
Cap Size:Average
Cap Construction:Basic
Hair Type:Style-Able Effortless Heat Friendly Fiber
Approximate Length:Length: 1.25-3.5″ | Crown: 3” | Fringe: 3.5” | Nape: 1.75”
Product Weight: 2.5 oz


The Brushpixi TressAllure wig is a powerful, slightly trimmed hairstyle that blends perfectly with your face. The CoolComfortTM head provides all-day comfort. This style is perfect for anyone looking for a new simple hairstyle to wear every day for a special occasion, or trying a new hair color. Lightweight, comfortable, and incredibly stylish!

Special Features:

The TressDimensional ™ color scheme combines 7 to 11 colors to create living room-inspired colors. It has low light, shadows, roots, and depth.
Cool Comfort Cover – allows the soft mesh to open and air freely. The elastic scarf is comfortable to wear in the shape of the head.
Lightweight, heat-safe Synthetic Fibers ™, a unique blend of synthetic fibers for Style-A that perfectly mimics the thickness, feel, and character of fine human hair. Synthetic fiber Simple style can be cut straight or Can be heated to 160 ° C or 320 ° F with the straightener, curling iron, or hot roller.
To fix this, take a 1-inch piece of root and spread it out with an iron after cooling. The fibers remain flat until warm.
To get your hair cut, wrap it in a curling iron for 10 seconds, remove the iron, and hold the knife until it cools. When it cools down, the fibers will hold the knives until they are reheated.

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