Black And Blonde Razor Synthetic Wig Basic Cap For Women


Product Type:Wig
Collection:Look Fabulous
Cap Size:Average
Cap Construction:Basic
Hair Type:Style-Able Effortless Heat Friendly Fiber
Ideal Face Shape:Heart, Pear, Round
Approximate Length:Length: 3-5.5″ | Crown: 4-5.5” | Fringe: 3-4” | Nape: 4”
Product Weight:2.85 oz


The TressAllures Razor Cut Shag wig is a medium-length razor blade that can be cut into pieces or brushed with a brush. Before cutting, add extra roots evenly. This model is very light and has folds at the top, sides, and back.

Special features:

The range of color tones ranges from ™ 7-11, blending with salon-themed shadows to highlight, brighten, deep peaks, shadows, and depth.
Comfortable cooling cover – Soft, open mesh, and fabric allow air to enter. The stretched body provides stable comfort and conforms to the shape of the head.
Heat Fit, Style Fit, Simple Synthetic Fibers – A special blend of synthetic fibers that perfectly creates the density, feel, and shape of thin hair. Simple and easy to style synthetic fiber ™ can be straightened or ironed. You can use an iron, curling iron, hairdryer, or a hot roller to heat up to 160 ° C.
To keep it simple: make a 1-inch wide iron from the root and once cooled, the pieces will stay straight until more heat is applied.
Drying: wrap and hold the iron for 10 seconds, remove the iron and keep it in the refrigerator until it cools down. Once cooled, the strands retain their curls until the heat is applied again.

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