Black Easipart Synthetic Hair Topper Half Rooted


Collection:easiPart by easihair
Product Type:Hairpiece | Toppiece/ Hair Topper
Hair Type:Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
Cap Construction:Monofilament
Product Weight:2.4 oz
Overall Length:12″
Base Dimension:5″ X 5.75″- 3″


The easiPart XL HD 12 ” headband features a clip on the top cap that increases volume and coverage at the top and head. The –5.75 ”easiPart XL is ideal for hiding top and bottom thinning. Layout and coverage add volume and thickness to the overall mass and can be used to cover root growth during color services. Suitable for hair from chin to medium length.

You apply them with 4 pressure-sensitive clips and align them with your hair. HD Heat Deficient Fiber looks like human hair and has a salon shade with roots. T, You can use an iron or curling iron, which blends flawlessly. The hair is 12 inches long and is made with the perfect thickness to create lushness without looking heavy or obvious. easy part XL is everything you need for natural hair extensions. It will improve the appearance of your hair. Healthy and Radiant Look like you are wearing it! It is also available in gray colors. See how easy it is to operate the HD XL 12 “and watch the video and the customer reviews below!

The 3 most popular 12-inch Easy Part HD XL customers: 12FS8, 6, and 24B613S12.

Special features

Unique base shape – ideal for firming, thin concealer, or covering growths between flowers.
Monofilament Welded Base – hand-woven bases for natural hair growth, versatility, and harmony with all skin tones.
Polyurethane Perimeter – The polyurethane strip runs around the perimeter of the base and consists of 4 pressure-sensitive clips that can be removed to allow the adhesive to adhere.
HD Synthetic Hair – HD high definition fibers look and feel like human hair. Fibers can be thermally styled using a styling tool heated to 350 ° [180 ° C].

Tips: Apply a little along the hairline and pierce the roots with the mixture. Watch the video for more information!

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