Blond And Black Reversible Non-slip Grip Band New Arrivals


Product Type:Accessory
Approximate Width:2″ – 2.5″
Product Weight:0.7oz
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Amy Gibson’s WigSECURE ™ is a great way to keep your hair looking beautiful. Unlike other wigs on the market, WigSECURE ™ is the first modified product for people with or without hair!

The first headband made of high-quality velour fabric, covered with a patent-pending non-slip silicone strap for slim or hairless people, without tape and clip. It can be used to make scarves and hats. You can wear clothes on your head to prevent slippage to prevent wig. If you have hair, twist the elastic and apply a thin layer to the wig. Also suitable for people wearing wigs.

Decide who will give you the support you need and which one works best! Either way, it stays there all day. This restriction helps maintain pressure on the wig cap and is not detected in any wig. It fits one size and comes in many different colors including beige/blonde and brown.
Adjustable fits all head sizes

“For many years I have been looking for a way to prevent my wig and scarf from slipping. Ten years later … I am very happy to offer WigSECURE ™. ” -Amy Gibson

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