Blond And Brown Form Colors Human Hair Topper Half


Product Type:Hairpiece
Product Weight:3.6 oz
Collection:Hair Additions
Overall Length:18″
Cap Construction:Double Monofilament
Hair Type:Remy Human Hair
Ideal Face Shape:Diamond, Heart, Oblong, Oval, Pear, Round, Square
Base Dimension:6.5 X 6.5″
Approximate Length:18″


Jon Renau’s exclusive 18-inch mousse neck has a long top section of Remy human hair based on a monotone double. This 100% human Remy surface is designed to add more volume and coverage to the crown and make it look natural. You can style it with a radiator too! 100% Remy hair is of the highest quality and the most natural hair fibers which is resistant to tangling and can be styled with thermal tools such as your hair.

The hair is 18 inches. The double line top gives style in many directions and looks like natural hair growth. An extra layer of the fishing line makes it smooth, soft, and comfortable on the scalp. Five pressure sensitive clamps fit snugly. This piece of hair is perfect for hair removal. The top foam is available in a short 12-inch length, as well as a non-exclusive version with additional colors.


Double One-Sided Top – Allows for a variety of partings but ensures natural hair growth and perfect comfort. The extra layer makes it soft, smooth, and comfortable.
100% Remy Human Hair – gives the most natural look, is less tangled, and can be styled with your own hair-like heat tools.
Easy click pressure-sensitive clip for a secure and comfortable fit.

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