Blond And Brown Gradient Synthetic Hair Half Topper Rooted


Collection:Hair Topper/ Toppiece
Product Type:Hairpiece
Hair Type:Synthetic Hair
Ideal Face Shape:Round, Square, Diamond, Oblong, Pear, Heart, Oval
Cap Construction:Monofilament Top
Product Weight:4 oz
Overall Length:22.5″
Base Dimension:8.5″ x 9″
Approximate Length:Front: 8.5″ | Crown: 15″


The innocent and innovative Milan Gradient is A “enhancer” that allows you to add extra highlights, add volume to thin hair, or hide their regrowth during coloring. Base size: 23 cm. Front and back, 8 1/2 ” sides. In line with his legacy, Norinco has hand-held “Developments” tops with a single fiber construction. The highest level of comfort and style that Norinco is known for. Noriko offers a unique fiber technology with multicolored shades on each line. This realistic effect gives a typical contemporary look a really dramatic and profound effect. As a result, the gradient style is slightly higher than the non-gradient style. Due to the unique gradient color, our copyright wigs recommend purchasing a colored ring to find the one that suits you. You deserve the ultimate wig experience …

There are also colors that are not a normal gradient!

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Additional information



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