Blond And Brown Straight Hf Synthetic Hair Extension Clip In


Collection:hairdo® by HairUWear®
Product Type:Clip In Hair Extension
Hair Type:Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
Overall Length:22″
Base Dimension:11″ x 6.5″
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22 inch Gun extension.® Direct sequencing is a quick and easy way to create stylish and elegant hairstyles. The beautiful precision layers look like they were created on a chair in the living room. The one-piece base is 11 x 6.5 inches. “Easy to use, lightweight and safe thanks to seven undamaged suspicious clips.

Heat-resistant synthetic fiber-Tru2Life looks like real hair and does not react to environmental humidity, so your hair stays in any weather! Heat-resistant synthetic fiber also means you can customize your hair extensions with up to 350 degrees. Watch the Watch22in Direct Extension video for more information and how to register!

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