Blond And Brown Sydney Synthetic Half Wig Rooted Half


Product Type:Hairpiece
Product Weight:5.1 oz
Approximate Length:Front 10.5″ | Crown 12.5 – 14″ | Nape 17.5″
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LeBron Sydney is renamed under Rene in Paris

Sydney Fallpiece LeBron Crib (formerly Splendid) is a long, wavy, and beautiful 3/4 drop hairpiece. Immediately add a lot of volume and effervescent curls to your hair! This breathable, lightweight, and natural-looking piece blends with your own hairline for a hassle-free finish. The flexible comb allows secure attachment up and down for a comfortable fit. And the artificial hair is ready. Sydney is simply amazing!

Special features

3/4 fall is not a perfect wig, but a wig like a scarf designed to blend in with your hair.
Flexible ear-to-ear tips on the front and necklace ensure a firm fit for your hair.
Open weft thread provides better breathability and cools the scalp.

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Additional information



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