Blond Braid Headband Synthetic Headband All Hairpieces


Product Type:Hairpiece/ Headband
Hair Type:Vibralite Synthetic Hair
Collection:POP by hairdo
Product Weight:1.4oz
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POP After Hair Dryer Hairstyle Hairstyle gives a hairdresser that huge braided moment. Use your hair down or pull it in the air and style it with ease to look luxurious.

Information in VIBRALITE:

Vibralite is specially formulated to enhance the natural look of & amp; My senses are rich in protein. Similar to both symptoms. Find human hair. Each Vibralite color is made up of many different shades that are carefully mixed to create a natural look, just like human hair. The wide range of colors reflects the brightly colored shades needed in today’s hottest beauty salons. These low-maintenance fibers bounce off immediately after washing. “Ready to be” after washing due to its heat-resistant fiber properties

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