Blond Cheer Curls Synthetic Ponytail All Hairpieces


Product Type:Cheer Ponytail Hairpieces/ Extensions
Hair Type:Tru2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
Product Weight:2.8 oz
Approximate Length:15”


It takes a little curl to transform everything. Cheer Dance Curl by POP | Hairstyles have these tight spiral curls that bounce with each step. Cool ponytail hairpieces can be altered with your fingers or ironed onto thermal fibers. P-O-P in and GO curl, GO!

It is securely attached with a 15 “coiled curl, drawstring pony pouch, and three four-pointed combs.

1. Pull your hair into a bun.
2. Unfold the part and place the top four-pointed comb under the panel.
3. Install the other two combs on either side of the bottom.
4. Pull the cord firmly.
5. Wrap the cord and secure it with a pin in the bobbin case.

Special Features

Tru2Life Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber
Tru2Life heat-resistant synthetic hair can be straightened, curled, or blow-dried with heat styling tools up to 180 ° C / 350 ° F.

Additional information

Additional information



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