Blond Curly Claw Clip Synthetic Ponytail All Hairpieces


Product Type:HAIRPIECE
Product Weight:3 oz
Hair Type:Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
Approximate Length:18 inches


This straight 18-inch ponytail with a straight curly claw haircut gives you 18-inch wavy hair that is perfect for an all-day red carpet or beach party. The 3-inch flat clip offers a low height that looks so natural. Tru2Life® heat-friendly synthetic hair changes your style just like you do.

special features

Tru2Life Heat-friendly synthetic hair
Tru2Life’s special heat-resistant synthetic hair from the hairstyle can be flat, twisted, or dried with thermal styling tools up to 180 ° C.

Styling and Maintenance


Mix 1 tablespoon of shampoo in cold water. Soak for 5 minutes
Rinse well (imperfect rinsing dulls the fibers)
Wipe gently with a towel. Do not press on, twist, brush or comb while wet
Hang the air dry on a low level or use a blow dryer.


Unlike your own hair, the Tru2Life fiber hardens until it cools down. So keep the curl shape until it cools down!
116 ° C is perfect. It does not exceed 180 ° C
Never heat up the hairstyle while wearing the parts

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