Blonde And Red Curls Lace Front Synthetic Wig For Women


Product Type:Wig
Collection:Look Fabulous
Cap Size:Average
Cap Construction:Lace Front | Monofilament Part
Hair Type:Style-Able Effortless Heat Friendly Fiber 
Ideal Face Shape: Heart, Pear, Round, Square
Approximate Length:Length: 3-6” | Crown: 4.5-6” | Left Side Fringe: 4.5-6″ | Nape: 3”
Weight: 2.64 oz.


The Tapered Curls Wig by TressAllure is a romantic short volume wig with full volume and light curls that taper towards the neck. The curls can be rocked to be worn without pockets or combed in flowing waves.


Tone On Tone TressDimensional ™ colors is a combination of 7-11 different shades to create a salon color with highlights, dark highlights, built-in tips and undertones, and depth.
Lace Comfort Cup – The left blonde section creates an understated hairline. Padded mesh provides all-day comfort with a side shot that allows air to circulate.
Synthetic Fiber ™ is a proprietary blend of synthetic fibers that perfectly reproduces the thickness, feel, and appearance of fine hair. Style-Able ™ synthetic fiber strands or loops are easy. You can heat up to 320 ° Fahrenheit or 160 ° Celsius with an iron, curling iron, hairdryer, or heated rollers.
To straighten: take a 1-inch section from the roots and iron to the end. After cooling, the fiber remains straight until it is warmed up.
To curl: Wrap hair around curling iron and hold for 10 seconds. Remove the iron and secure the curl until it cools. After cooling, the fiber retains its curl until it warms up again.

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