Blonde And Red Synthetic Lace Front Wig Pixie For Women


Product Type:Wig
Product Weight:2.0 oz
Collection:Hair Power
Cap Size:Petite
Cap Construction:Lace Front Wig
Hair Type:Synthetic Hair
Ideal Face Shape:Heart, Oval
Approximate Length:Front 2.75″ | Crown 3.5″ | Sides 2.5″ | Nape 1.75″


According to Ellen Wille, the Bo Mono wig is a perfect pixie cut. It’s a sassy and elegant style with the best texture and tapered neckline. This sleek short wig features a lace front and monofilament top, perfect for small to medium-sized heads. The density of the ready-made synthetic wig makes the user look like natural hair and rarely needs to be thinned. Bo Mono is part of the Ellen Wille Hair Power collection.

Special function

Lace Front-In Preta Forte, the lace front, which is actually invisible at the top, opens to fit the shape of the head and creates a variety of natural hairline and off-face styling.
Hand Saw-Tie Monofilament to create the natural hair growth shape where the hair splits. The complete monofilament tower can be used for a variety of applications.
Ready-to-use artificial hair dictionary-style designed like natural hair.
Cap Size: Perfectly adapted to fit smoothly and reliably around the head, suitable for small to medium-sized heads.
Color: A beautiful three-dimensional arrangement of colors has been carefully selected to enhance your style.

Additional information

Additional information



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