Blonde Glam And Gore Rockstar Short Wig By Characters




  • Metal Gram & Gore Wig
  • String: synthetic hair

    Hats Free Hats -Theamiami Glam Bella and Gore Wigs naturally grow hair, so you can share them in any direction.
    The almost invisible face will give you an amazing body hairstyle and amazing face shape.
    Human hair wigs can also be rearranged and used for different types of edges.
    He looks unique overall.
    Soft and durable, no collision, no birds, no teeth. And odorless.
    Modern short wigs are creative, intuitive, and beautiful.

  • measure:

    Take care of your hair regularly and take good care of your hair.
    Wash your hair gently before washing your hands. Do not comb your hair
    Apply medium shampoo and rinse with cold water to clean the hair.
    Hair is damaged. Do not expose to the sun. After cleaning, rub argan oil into a damp cloth.
    Gently pull your head from bottom to top with your fingers. Do not wipe
    Level the right edge with water. Try hard to take root.

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