Blone And Brown Wavy Hf Synthetic Hair Extension Clip In


Collection:hairdo® by HairUWear®
Product Type:Hair Extension
Hair Type:Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
Product Weight:3.25 ounces
Overall Length:23
Base Dimension:11″ x 6.5″
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The 23“hairo.® wave clip makes it easy to change hairstyles in minutes. Long, gentle waves are romantic and always stylish. Tru2Life synthetic fibers are moving and real people. The waves feel like hair and are always in place no matter the weather.

Heat-safe fibers mean you can style your hair up to 350 degrees with a heat tool. The total length of the extension bar is 23 inches and the default size is 11 x 6.5 inches. 7 pressure-sensitive clips inside the cover for quick and easy installation. Long waves due to the 23-inch bulge. Easy to get. More information and registration can be found in the 23” Shaft Extension Video Test.

Characteristic :
One system-everything you need to repair quickly and easily…
Pressure Sensing Clamp-Easy to use, no damage, and weak.
Heat-resistant synthetic hair retains its style, does not react to moisture, and does not look or feel like real hair. It can be placed with a heating agent up to 350 degrees.

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