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The Jon Renau Softie Accent print is made from the softest bamboo viscose fabric. The headband can be worn on soft, accented areas or elsewhere. Wear it with your hair or cover it with a lace wig/topper. Soft accents keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Available in plain and printed.

How to use
Headband style:
1. Hang the cap around your neck and slide it.
On hair and ears
2. Set to the desired position (cap
Can be folded into a twist or headband and worn)
Hat style:
1. Keep it open and “shake” forward
Down to close the hole
2. Sliding like a hat
3. Adjust the position as needed.

Special features

Viscous Bamboo Material-Keeps moisture away from the skin and keeps it cool and dry.
Comfortable cap: One size fits everything, the bamboo fabric has a soft texture and is perfect for sensitive skin.
Versatile: Can be worn as a night hat.

Expert advice u0026amp; Style ideas

The entire hood can be worn with or without hair.
Shop in different colors and prints to complete different sets.
Combine it with a fun wig or a full wig to change the look.

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