Braid Headband Synthetic Headband All Hairpieces


Product Type:Hairpiece/ Headband
Hair Type:Vibralite Synthetic Hair
Collection:POP by hairdo
Product Weight:0.3 oz
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The window sill is tying your two straps! Easy Brad got only one change with this simple twist. Place it behind your wall or forehead to compliment any look.


Vibralite is specially designed to adapt to u0026amp natural conditions; A protein-rich recipe. All appearances u0026amp; Understanding human hair, each color of Vibrite has different colors that are combined with the technique to look like natural, human hair. The range of useful colors reflects the wide range of colors that are adopted in today’s hairstyles. This lack of Fi care feels like a “buy-in” right after the shower because the style is so strong-sealed.

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