Colored Hf Synthetic Ponytail Wrap-around Hair Wraps


Collection:hairdo® by HairUWear®
Product Type:Hairpiece | Do-It-Yourself Ponytail Attachment
Hair Type:Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
Ideal Face Shape:Round, Square, Diamond, Oblong, Pear, Heart, Oval
Product Weight:2.8 oz
Overall Length:23″
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Get our new 23-inch color spray ponytail to the “social media star” with Hairdo® right away. Choose natural hair colors with selected colors that stand out and contrast with pastel colors like blue, pink, light green, and lavender. This long wavy pony comes with a straight comb that easily falls into your hair and a long strip that wraps around the area where your hair matches the pony. NEW additional colors!

Special features

Tru2Life® Heat-Impact Synthetic Hair – Creates 7-11 shades of each hand-blended color, resulting in a natural look that matches any hair color. Tru2Life® fiber is similar to human hair and can be polished with thermal styling up to 350 ° F …
Straight comb/velcro fastening – consists of a three-part comb and blonde holder with a pre-defined strip of hair and velcro to create a unique natural look.

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Additional information


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