Colored Wigsecure – Reversible Non-Slip Grip Band


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Approximate Width:2″ – 2.5″
Product Weight:0.7oz
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Amy Gibson’s WigSECure é is the perfect solution to keep your wig safe and comfortable. Unlike any velvet wig band on the market, Wigsquare is the first to contrast with or without hair!

This is the first band to be made with a high-end velvet fabric, completely eliminating the need for a patent-pending non-slip silicone grip, strap, or clip for fine or curly hair. You can wear it to hold the scarf and hat in place. You can put a strip against your head to get a non-slip solution to slide the wig. For hairdressers, just hang the band to hold the grip against the wig. This is also great for wig cap wearers because their bundle is safer.

You decide which side provides the support you need and which one works best for you. Even if you use it, it will keep the vision in place throughout the day. This band helps to tighten the wig cap and can be detected under any wig. It fits everything in one size and comes in many colors, including seeds/gold and bright.
Optimized to fit all head sizes

“Over the years I’ve been looking for a way to keep my wig and scarf from slipping! Ten years later … I’m so excited to bring you WigSECure.” – Amy Gibson

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