Effect Synthetic Top Piece Topper Falls Half


Product Type:Top Piece/Topper
Cap Size:Average/Large
Base Design:Monofilament Base 5” x 2.5” | 5 Clips
Hair Type:Excelle Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
Approximate Length:Front: 5″ | Crown: 5.5” | Sides: 5” | Back: 4.5”
Product Weight:.8oz
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FULL EFFECT with its narrow hand-operated bottom, HIM is the perfect accessory for men to fill in or hide falling areas on the head. With five pressure-sensitive clamps, you can place the filler anywhere you want. This versatile piece has a Hollywood touch and can be worn with long hair or with a haircut to blend in with a shorter style. With FULL EFFECT, you can comb and brush in one direction with a one-dimensional construction.

Special Features:

One-sided processing
Polyurethane edge
Base size: 5 “x 2½” (contains 5 pressure sensitive sharp parts). Ultra-thin neck adjuster for a personalized fit

Additional information

Additional information


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