Gray Synthetic Lace Front Wig Hand-Tied


Product Type:Wig
Product Weight:1.9oz
Cap Size:Average
Cap Construction:Monofilament Top | 100% Hand-Tied
Hair Type:Synthetic
Approximate Length:Bang 3.25″ | Crown 3.75″ | Sides 2.5” | Nape 2.25”


Ellenville is a classic, sporty style written by George 5 Stars 2.0Wig, with an art hat design. Ellenville premium synthetic fiber interior construction is 100% made all over the world. Placed by hand and softly woven, it gives you the flexibility to create a comfortable fit. There is a full ear in front of the ear lace which allows you to freely create the style of the face and confidently maintain an unlimited hairline! To ensure it is safe to wear, the sleeping area is lined with polyurethane hand-stitching pieces. Velcro straps line the bottom of the style to allow for resizing. This density is really light and reflects the look and feel of the hair! This design does not require customization. George 5 Stars 2.0 is part of the performance collection from Ellenville. We recommend using the product style Beautymark to help maintain and preserve the style of Ellenville.

Special Features

  • 100% handmade hats – each hair is tied hand at the base individually, making it the most natural movement. The hat is comfortable and soft – suitable for sensitive scalp.
  • Lace Front – ready to wear and almost invisible, creates contours in the shape of the head, creates natural hair, and creates style flexibility outside the face.
  • Top of the Monofilament – The knot of the hand to create the appearance of natural hair that grows on the side of the hair is separated, so that all the ends of the monofilament can separate the diversity.
  • Synthetic Hair – Ready to wear, styled at the front, and designed to look like natural hair.
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