Gray Winner Petite Synthetic Wig Basic Cap


Product Type:Wig for Women
Product Weight:1.75 oz
Collection:Vibralite Memory Cap II
Cap Size:Petite
Cap Construction:Capless
Hair Type:Synthetic Hair Wig
Ideal Face Shape:Diamond,Oval,Round,Square
Approximate Length:Front 2.75″ | Crown 3″ | Sides 2.25″ | Back 2.25″ | Nape 1.75″


Good seller | Raquel Welch’s winning streak is a shadowy pixel that only connects to anywhere. Loved by its simplicity, the winner has a lot of light, giving it a level equal to the height and the crown of the crown. A long chain of ropes will give you the space you need most.

Hair that is ready to combine hair looks like normal hair. Taking off the clothes on the helmet makes it breathable, giving the skull a lot of colds. The air is also easy to live with. With a strong shake out of the box, the look is as simple as it is easy to wear this shortcut! It has less than two grams. The winner of the Petite also comes in a large and medium-size, as well as the “Elite” version with an extra helmet.


  • Fibrous Hair Fiber – Rich in protein, which has been developed and developed in a unique way to mimic the natural look and feel of hair that is rich in protein.
  • A commemorative helmet is a cool, easy-to-remember hat that shapes the shape of your head, making it a great and unique comfort for you.
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