Red And Blonde Pretty Synthetic Hf Wig For Kid


Product Type:Wig
Collection:Kidz Wigs
Cap Size:Ultra Petite
Cap Construction:Monofilament Top
Hair Type:Tru2Life Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
Approximate Length:Front: 4″ | Sides: 14.5” | Sides: 14.5″ | Back: 14.5” | Nape: 12”
Product Weight:5.4 oz


Pretty in Layers from the KIDZ Collection Hairdo has a soft click that falls on the eyebrows, and this long and lightly layered style creates a slight ripple effect. The single-sided top allows for a variety of separation options and heat-resistant fibers so these items can be permanently rolled or cut.

Simple functions:

Top monofilament for natural movement with low density and style flexibility
Velvet lined earplugs
Velvet layer neck
Very thin neck adjuster for a special fit

Styles & amp; care for:

To wash:
• Put 1 tablespoon of shampoo in cold water. Soak for 5 minutes
• Rinse thoroughly (insufficient rinsing strengthens the fiber)
• Wipe gently with a towel. Do not twist, twist, comb, or comb wet.
• Dry naturally or use a hairdryer on low heat.

In contrast to hair, Tru2Life fibers only harden after they have cooled down. Then hold and let go until the curls cool!
116 ° C is perfect. Do not exceed 180 ° C.
• Don’t overheat your style while wearing clothes.

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Additional information



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