Red Brunette Synthetic Lace Front Wig Basic Cap


Product Type:Wig
Cap Size:Average
Cap Construction:Lace Front Wig
Hair Type:Synthetic Hair
Product Weight:3.6 oz
Approximate Length:Bang: 4”-7” | Crown: 3”-8” | Sides: 6”-10” | Nape: 3.5”-9″


Advertised by Ellen Will, Jamila Plus is luxurious in size, body, and beautiful curls! This medium wig is tailored to the elegant temple in Ellen Villa with the tired front of the temple, offering a versatile and natural hairstyle. Choose a style farther from the face or as desired. The design of the cap is very comfortable in open knitting and is very suitable for the average size of the head. The adjustable velcro belts inside the nape of the neck allow it to adhere to a very soft felt and change or reduce its circumference to 1.25 “. The density of synthetic hair for pre-cut imitates biological hair and requires no personalization and thinning. Jamila Plus Ellen Wille’s hair is part of the power pack.

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