Red Brunette Synthetic Wig Mono Crown


Product Type:Wig
Product Weight:2.3 oz
Cap Size:Average
Cap Construction:Monofilament Crown
Hair Type:Synthetic Hair
Approximate Length:Front 3.75 | Crown 5 | Sides 3 | Nape 2.5


Club 10 Ellen Willie was built fast and flew to create different views. The monofilament crown is tied by hand and located where there is a natural part of the hair. The abstract weight cap is designed to pass through the air and keep your vagina warm and cool throughout the day. This synthetic wagon is cut to bring many styles and smooth layers. To further personalize this cut, add a Beauty Brand-shaped cream.

The monofilament crown is high and gives the impression of natural hair growth. Open chests provide comfort and full coverage in every season. Earplugs and bead lines are lined with velvet, giving you extra comfort and a sense of security. You can change the size of the wallet to half an inch with a convenient Velcro strap. Synthetic hair is pre-styled, ready to wear and retains its shape after washing.

Special b

Be prepared to wear wigs
Monofilament crown
Open the welded lid
Velvet earrings
Adjustable taps

Additional information

Additional information



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