Rooted Human Hair Synthetic Blend Topper Half


Product Type:Hairpiece
Product Weight:1.10 oz
Collection:Top Power
Hair Type:Blend: Human Hair & Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
Base Dimension:4.75″ x 6.25″
Approximate Length:Front 5.5″ | Crown 8″ | Sides 8″


There is a real right-wing and a nice top by Ellen Ville that adds volume and blends the hair perfectly. Real consists of 4.75-8.5 inches long hair, 4.25-2.5 inches wide and 6 inches wide, and three pressure sensitive clips to keep it safe. Real made with Ellen Ville’s new premium hair. Prime Hair is a patented product for human hair, enriched with high-quality synthetic fibers that can provide the longest lasting color. Prime hair is also shaped, and due to its high-quality synthetic fibers (which are heat resistant up to 350 ° C), any hairstyle will last a long time, even after washing! Better performance ensures proper wear. The real Allen Ville is part of the Prime Power collection.

special occasion

Human hair is fortified with high-quality synthetic fibers
100% hand knitted
Complete line base

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